Revolution Cooking R180 High-Speed 2-Slice Smart Toaster

The truth is that before this time, there has not been any other smart toaster like this one. We are pleased to
introduce the new Revolution Cooking R180 High-Speed Smart Toaster. This is the first smart toaster in the
world that is high speed with six settings. This truly revolutionizes the way you will make toast and other
things with this device.



This high-speed smart toaster implements the highest level of advancement in terms
of technology for heating in toasters for the past one hundred years. This device provides the first digital touch screen display that is user friendly.

This means that there is no more usage of heating coils that date
back to the time of the 1800s. It is fantastic that you do not have to make your toast the way that it was
needed for your great-grandparents to do.

Enjoy toasting with twenty-first-century technology that is simple and that will provide delicious results
every time. The exterior of this toaster has a finish of brushed stainless steel.

The design is modern and sleek, which contributes to the high appeal of this toaster. This toaster will look great displayed in any
kitchen. Within the interior of the r180, this toaster houses a heating system that is diamond-shaped, which is exclusive to this particular toaster.

There is the provision of smart time controls and well as temperature
controls to empower your toaster to heat up in a faster time, producing toast much more quickly. You will be
pleased that this toaster provides browning that is consistent for all parts of the toast each time you use this
device. Also, this toaster is highly energy-efficient due to the fact that it uses less energy in comparison to other toasters.


You will be delighted that the touch screen is truly an innovative development as no other toasters possess
this type of enhancement. Once you have placed your items with the cut sides placed toward the inside,
particularly for English muffins or bagels, choose from the touch screen which type of food you desire to
toast. You have the option of selecting bread, waffles, toaster pastries, English muffins, or bagels. In
addition, you are able to select various modes for toasting, such a reheat, frozen, or fresh based on the type of food you have chosen to toast. See it in action

You can also indicate your preferred level of toasting due to seven browning
options. Once the start button is flashing, tap the button and view the countdown timer during the last phase
of toasting, which is ten seconds. You will always experience results that are consistent because of the
precision of the smart algorithm temperature control system.

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This Revolution toaster brings a new definition to what it really means for a device to be a high performing smart
toaster. Your toast and other types of food will be prepared to perfection every time you use this toaster. The
toast will be crunchy on the outside, but the interior will be full of moisture and flavor, just the way you
expect it to be.

You can use the touch screen to display the date and time when the toaster is not in use.
Indeed, this toaster is both supremely attractive and highly functional. You also are provided with
the convenience of being able to personalize the toaster by pressing the gear icon that is noted as being located
at the top corner to the right.


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There you can access the menu for the settings, which will allow you to
indicate your preferences for settings and functions, such as the level of volume in regard to the alert that
indicates when your toast or other food items are ready. You can also adjust the level of brightness
concerning the digital touch screen. You will also be pleased to realize that there is the provision of a setting
for bagels that are large.


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Moreover, this toaster provides you with the convenience of a crumb tray that is
removable. In addition, there is the inclusion of a reminder to indicate when it is necessary to clean the
toaster. Furthermore, this classy toaster comes with an auto lift and lower function. You will have a truly
revolutionized toasting experience when you use this innovative toaster. Indeed, your toast and other items
will be done with precision and perfection every time.