2 Ply Organic Birdseye Washable Baby Wipes 8×8 Inches Set of 20 Rainbow Assortment



Stack of 20 eco-friendly alternative to paper towels, napkins, and throw away baby wipes. This is a great way to help eliminate trash, and an easy way to help the environment. These are made from 2 layers of Organic 100% Birdseye Cotton. The Little Wipes are perfect for little hands, but are thirsty enough to dry big hands, too. Great for casual, every day napkins (and they won’t fall apart like paper napkins do). Nice and gentle enough for baby’s face or behind; and, a great thing to keep in your purse for messy emergencies when you are on the road. The Little Wipes are made from very nice, high quality 100% Organic cotton and are serged around the edges for a clean finish. You can expect these work-horses to last for a very long time. Use them to mop up any spill, dry your hands, or for any typical use of paper towels. I throw mine in the washer and dryer with any and all loads of laundry (they take up very little space), because no special care is required. Unbleached is softer than the white, lasts longer, and is better for the environment. This organic fabric is a bit heavier than most birdseye fabric, and is very, very nice. Try them and love them, or send them back for a 100% refund. GOTS certified 100% organic cotton. Natural, unbleached birdseye fabric from a certified Fair Trade Factory with professionally serged edges. This set is in stock, and ready to go.

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