Do you know that the type of your Mattress determines the quality of sleep you can enjoy? Yes, and
accurate! For instance, the IDLE Mattress has features that are common in both a hybrid version or an all
form version and the double-sided Mattress. There is so much you can admire in these dual-sided mattresses,
more than you imagine.

Our Verdict: Surely, the IDLE Sleep Hybrid Mattress is the best choice among all varieties of dual-sided and
Hybrid Mattress you can find in the market today. Remember, regular turnover of your IDLE Mattress is a
sure way of extending its life span as well as improving the coil and foam construction, which in turn
enhances your body support while sleeping. Besides, the IDLE mattress versatile nature in terms of luxury
and medium-firm options, makes then suitable for all types of sleepers regardless of their sizes or their
sleeping posture. It is important to note that the IDLE’S coil layer are excellent shock absorbs such that they
absorb even the slightest motion when your partner tosses on the bed overnight without you noticing the
slightest movement.


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Who are the most suited for IDLE Sleep Hybrid mattress?

  • Those who like sleeping on their stomach, back or even side sleepers.
  • The IDLE Hybrid mattress comes with a luxury firm option hence suitable for heavyweight sleepers
  • Those who experience sweating while sleeping, especially during hot nights, the various layers of this Mattress helps in cooling the body.
  • The double-barreled quilted top layer has cooling foam beneath a fabric that adapts to your body temperature
  • Won’t harden or soften due to room temperature like old memory foam units.
  • Flipping if the mattress will extend its life.
  • Made in the USA.

Co-sleepers or couples might find this hybrid Mattress bumpy mainly due to the inability of the coils to
isolate the slightest motion entirely.

Final verdict. It has been a fantastic approach for this two-sided mattress idea mainly from IDLE Sleep.
Although it isn’t a new idea as you may think, it is an excellent idea by IDLE to create this Hybrid Mattress.

A few years ago, double-sided Mattress was the most common used Mattress until when their cost of
production hiked, resulting in a dramatic increase in their prices.

The result was that most Mattress manufacturing companies have begun producing a cheaper but low-quality
two-sided mattress that, for sure, you can’t flip. The IDLE Mattress then shows the need to create right twosided Mattress that if you flip regularly, you are extending its life span, thus gaining better value for your

What are the distinctive features of the IDLE Hybrid Mattress?

The IDLE Hybrid comes several multipurpose foam layers on both sides for perfect body contouring in
addition to a coil layer at the center for enhancing the support of your body.

The thinner foam layers include some built-in elements that enhance temperature regulation while sleeping;
thus, you will enjoy a refreshing sleep.

Remember, do not fall in the trap of the old memory foam mattress, for they do not support your body
curves and back, resulting in soreness in all your mornings due to pressure accumulation on a few body parts.

The IDLE Mattress is made using high-quality foam and as well as adequate coils for maximum pressure
relief on specific body parts. This implies that Hybrids mattress is an excellent option for anyone who has,
for a long time, been sleeping on innerspring Mattress but wants a more comfy sleeping mattress that
conforms to their body curves and posture.

It is a dual-sided mattress since it includes foam layers on both sides, in addition to coils that offer support in
the middle.

Besides, IDLE Mattress are categorized into two separate firmness levels. These include the Luxury and
Medium firm. Note that both firmnesses are great for those who love sleeping on their back, stomach, and
back. For instance, if you are a significant person just like me, you will find out luxury firm option
mattresses offers unique support and cushion of your body.

The cooling foam layer underneath the two-barreled quilted top layer can regulate your body temperature
since it adapts to your body temperature, thus keeping your body free from excessive sweating on a hot
summer night.
Reactive concerning how you change your sleeping position in addition to offering adequate support to keep

your spines well aligned while sleeping, thus preventing them from hardening or irritating due to
uncomfortable room temperature, a feature that the old memory mattress didn’t deal with.

Why is IDLE Mattress best for a comfortable sleep?

IDLE Mattress allows you to enjoy multiple sleeping positions such as on Back, Sides, or a combination of
more than two sleeping areas.

Perfect for large people with large body curvatures thus requires support on their spines, hips, and even the
lower back.

Those sleepers are looking forward to including extra support while sleeping, thus looking for a firm
mattress option.

Those sleepers looking for a perfect mattress firmness to keep their spine and other upper body that is the
neck comfortable throughout the sleep.

Large and heavier people who like sleeping mainly on their stomach will go for a luxury firm mattress
option offering maximum support.

The foam relieves your body from pressure placed on your body while sleeping, thus increasing your sleep comfort.

The cooling buoyancy foam helps your body respond efficiently to the slightest movements.

The only shortcoming about these IDLE Mattress is that they rarely isolate the motions, thus making them
not an excellent option for Back Sleeper’s couples.

Factors to consider when buying a mattress.

  1. The experience trial period. Always go for Mattress that includes an extended sleep trial period. The good
    news is that the IDLE Mattress has a longer than standard sleep period of 120 days (about four months). The
    trial period means that is you don’t like the mattress features and return it within that stipulated time, and you
    can get a full refund. No struggle trying to carry it back to the company, an agent from IDLE Sleep will
    come for it and take it to local or international charity organizations. However, you should at least sleep on
    your Mattress for 30 days before launching your return proposal.

2. Consider the warranty period offered for your Mattress. The best thing about the IDLE hybrid mattress
includes a limited lifetime warranty. Note that the warranty covers only manufacturing defects rather than
wear and tear. Such mistakes include but not limited to over 1.5-inch sags resulting from using foam
material with cracks or wrong base. 100% QUALITY assurance as it is made in the USA using high quality
local and durable materials.

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