Englander Latex Mattress – The Nature’s Choice Collection is For Those Who Want the Best

The latex mattress has enjoyed a renewed interest over the last few years – due, in no small part, to the popularity of the memory foam mattress. Latex has many advantages over memory foam and the Nature’s Choice collection the Englander mattress company is one of the best on the market. Here’s why.

So, why choose latex? Well, this type of foam conforms to the exact shape of the sleeper’s body. This means that the sleeper receives the best possible support and pressure points are eliminated. Because the mattress doesn’t just flatten when weight is applied, it means that there is no motion-transfer – an ideal solution if one partner is substantially heavier or is a more restless sleeper than the other sleeper.

Memory foam mattresses also offer the above advantages, but latex offers much more. Latex isn’t temperature sensitive. In cold climates or in bedrooms kept cold this can be a huge issue as memory foam will not conform as it should; this is never a problem with latex.

Latex is known to be naturally hypo-allergenic and odor free; memory foam is treated to prevent mold and dust mites and many complain that it off-gases.

However, there are two types of latex; natural and synthetic. Which is best is a matter of debate. Manufacturers who use synthetic latex claim that a bed mattress is more resilient, while those who make bed mattresses using natural latex claim this is not true and point out that natural latex is a sustainable product unlike its synthetic cousin which is petroleum based. Most manufacturers use synthetic latex. I think this is mainly because of cost. Synthetic latex is cheaper than natural.

The Englander mattress is made from natural latex. Within the Nature’s Choice collection there are several models and sizes to choose from. They start at around $1,000 for a queen size model. The company believes that natural rubber offers far more durability than synthetic. If you ever get the chance, pickup the edge of a Nature’s Choice mattress and feel just how heavy it is – up to four times heavier than some synthetic blends used in other brands.

If you want to buy a natural latex mattress then you should definitely take a serious look at what an Englander mattress can offer. And, if you get the opportunity, compare it against other top-quality brands like the Jamison latex mattress. Once, you’ve made a comparison I’m sure you’ll agree it really is a beautifully made and luxurious bed mattress.

Source by Robin Cassidy

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